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Changing the World Through Random Acts of Kindness

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Anthony Dewayne was a victim of a fatal vehicle accident in August 2022, at just 37 years old. He was a gentleman with a contagious smile and a deep compassion for the less fortunate. His ambition was to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged. Anthony had a kind soul and a giving heart. He was known for buying the homeless a meal and offering them a hot shower and a home cooked dinner.  He could also be found volunteering at animal shelters and rescues, purchasing pet food and supplies, or bringing home stray animals.  Anthony would often share words of encouragement and stories  of his own struggles and how he overcame his onsets, in hopes of helping others.  


In honor and memory of him, Anthony’s Angels has been established. The purpose of this organization is to provide random acts of kindness throughout Central Indiana for those in need. It is our goal to carry on Anthony’s legacy and continue with his hopes and ambitions.


Anthony’s Angels has monthly missions to keep his vision alive and make a difference!  Please consider becoming a part of this group. You can support us by participating in any event or by donating funds to keep Anthony’s Angels functioning.

Our story was featured in the Central Indiana Towne Post magazine (February 2023) in the Fishers and Geist editions.  You will find it here on pages 14 - 15.



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