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Our Missions

Making A Difference!

November 2023

  • WARMTH FOR WINTER!  Purchased new blankets, stocking hats and gloves for central Indiana homeless vets.

  • Donation to "Wishing Well Fund".  This non-profit provides food, home repairs, hygiene items and helps cover bills for families in need.  


September 2023

  • Purchased board/card games & puzzles for "Morristown Junior-Senior High School" for their quarterly "Game Day".  This is for students' Academic Lab period.  

  • Donation to "Powerhouse Youth Program" - Franklin, Indiana

  • Donation to "Mid-North Food Pantry" - Indianapolis, IN

  • Donation to "Students' Fund of Hope".  This small non-profit provides food, clothing and hygiene items in the Hope, Indiana school district.


July 2023

  • Donation to "Tricia's Hope".  This small non-profit supports cancer patients with a network of survivors and resources.  (transportation cost to and from a treatment facility, utility payments for a patient that is not able to work, etc.)

  • Donation to "Sanctuary Indy".  The non-profit provides lunch and hygiene items to Hoosiers experiencing homelessness on the east side of Indianapolis.  

June 2023

  • Donation to "Resources of Hope".  This organization is dedicated to meeting the physical and emotional needs of children in the foster system.

  • Donation to "Lawnmower Project".  This project finds under-served kids who want to start their own mowing business.  Each of the kids get a lawnmower and a full gas can and oil.  The kids learn how to tune-up, services and fix their lawnmowers.  

May 2023

  • Donation to "Listen To Our Future".  This organization educates young people and encourages them to be "changemakers" in our community.  

  • Donation to "Medical Mutt Service Dogs".  This small nonprofit helps people with a disability and gives abandoned dogs a new lease on life.  MMSD trains dogs for people with diabetes, epileptic seizures and psychiatric disorders.  

April 2023

  • Student Lunch Debt Campaign.  Many families struggle to pay for their children's school lunches and keep up with their meal tabs.  Anthony's Angels is raising money to help with this for two school districts in central Indiana.

  • Donation to "Soup Kitchen of Muncie" to help feed people in Delaware County.  

  • Donation to "Homeless Hygienix".  This nonprofit builds hygiene kits filled with toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap and shampoo.  The kits are then delivered to those in need, including the homeless.  

  • Donation to "Bentley's Buddies & Friends".  This nonprofit provides free reading help to kids from pre-K through eighth grade and they use dogs as certified "reading buddies".  They go into schools and the kids read to the dogs as a calm, non-judgmental audience.  

March 2023

  • Donation to "Tatum Parker Project", via Send The Love (WTHR).  This nonprofit lifts the spirits of kids battling cancer in the hospital.  They create "bags of fun" with games, crafts and electronics.   

  • Donation to the Fletcher Benefit  (A husband & wife both diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other and at the same time, unexpectedly lost their youngest son)

  • Donation to "Dinner Before Bedtime".  Imagine a child going to bed without eating dinner.  That's the reality for some kids in Shelby County.  This nonprofit partners with a local restaurant to provide hot meals, milk and dessert for children in need.  

  • Donation to "Ausome Indy", via Send The Love (WTHR).  This small non-profit provides life changing access to resources for kids with autism.  "Ausome Indy" helps with therapy and other services including communication support, sensory tools and toys, fidget tools, weighted blankets, etc.

  • Donation of pet food to S.O.A.R. Initiative in Indianapolis.  (Street Outreach Animal Response)

February 2023

  • Donation to "Whalen's Heroes" nonprofit, via Send The Love (WTHR).  Provides "service dogs" to veterans; along with training, treats, toys, dog food, large crate with a comfortable bed, leashes, collars and grooming supplies.

  • 35 pounds of dog food donated to the caregiver of Anthony's beloved dog, Bonnie

  • Donation to "Catch The Stars" foundation, via Send The Love (WTHR).  This small nonprofit was created by basketball legend, Tamika Catchings.  Provides clothes, toys and books to Hoosiers in need.

  • Donation to "Changing Footprints", via Send The Love (WTHR).  This will put shoes and socks on the feet of people in need.

January 2023

  • Donation to "Why Aren't You Smiling" nonprofit, via Send The Love (WTHR).  It helps boys and girls who struggle with a lack of self-esteem

  • Donation to Hot Wheels Toy Drive for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago

  • Donated cleaning supplies to Hancock Hope House  (homeless shelter)

  • Donation to "Gift of Gloves" nonprofit, via Send The Love (WTHR).  It helps kids stay healthy and avoid getting the flu or a cold.  Each pack includes a new hat and gloves, liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, hand lotion and facial tissues.  

December 2022

  • Partnered with the City of Lawrence Firefighters and the Hells Angels for a Christmas Toy Drive to brighten a child's day

  • Holiday HappyMail - Making Spirits Bright:  Mailed Christmas cards to nursing home residents

November 2022

  • Purchased and donated 50 large aluminum pans to Meals From The Heart to assist with feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving Day

  • Partnered with The Mozel Sanders Foundation to help FEED THE HUNGRY for Thanksgiving

  • Making and selling homemade peanut butter fudge (Nov - Dec) to provide additional funds for Anthony's Angels

  • Purchased and donated 400 bottles of water to ASSIST Indiana  (a non-profit that works with individuals who have been directly and/or indirectly affected by sexual, domestic and physical violence)

​​ October 2022

  • Donation of 44 fleece blankets, 9 underwear for men, 84 pair of socks for men & women, 18 pair of gloves

  • Donation of 200 mini bars of soap, 108 bottles of water, 3 person camping tent

  • Donation of peanut butter, beenee weenees, vienna sausages, slim jims, granola bars, nutty bars, pouches of StarKist tuna

  • Donation of a heaping box of assorted red & green tomatoes to a local food pantry

  • Quick N Clean Helper donated 4 hours of cleaning services to help out a disabled woman recovering from hip replacement surgery

  • Donation to IndyHumane Mutt Strut 2022.  (All proceeds help provide shelter, medical care, vaccinations and adoption services for more than 4,000 animals each year.)

  • Donation of store bought cookies to Kairos Prison Ministry.  (Interdenominational Christian ministry in which men and women volunteer to bring Christ's love and forgiveness to prisoners and their families.  The Kairos programs takes the participants on a journey that demonstrates the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.)  The cookies went to the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility. 

  • Donated money to a family with a sick child at Riley Children's Hospital Intensive Care Unit so they could buy a few hot meals for themselves.  


September 2022

  • Provided sack lunches to homeless population in downtown Indianapolis

  • Partnered with Fort Harrison Veterans Center, HVAF (Helping Veterans & Families) and LifeJourney Church to provide 42 pairs of underwear for women, 70 pair of socks for women, 14 stocking caps, 16 pair of gloves, 134 pair of socks for men, 65 pairs of underwear for men and 84 t-shirts! That is a total of 425 brand new clothing items given to these various alliances to disperse among the homeless.

  • Donated $100 to a local church building fund


August 2022

  • 80 pounds of dog food donated to the caregiver of Anthony's beloved dog, Bonnie

More missions coming soon!

Organizations That We Support

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